Scope Parallax Adjustment

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

GY6 Vids does a great job explaining what Parallax Adjustment is. Some people call it Adjustable Objective. It is the same thing. Scopes with parallax adjustment help to keep the reticle and the objective in the same plane. So when you shift your head, the reticle should not move off the target.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • CA CA on Sep 09, 2015

    Adjustable parallax and adjustable objective are not the same thing. Scopes with adjustable parallax can adjust in one of two ways - with a knob on the side (side focus/target focus) or by turning the objective lens housing (adjustable objective). Although it is true that an adjustable objective scope does have adjustable parallax, it is not true the other way around - many (most new scopes) adjust with a knob on the side and are therefore not adjustable objective.

  • Tb Tb on Sep 09, 2015

    Adjustable objective describes a feature where the parallax adjustment ring is at the objective bell of the optic. Like on this -

    Important to know so that you don't go buy an adjustable objective scope thinking that you'll get a parallax knob opposite the windage turret.