P-40 Warhawk Test Firing it’s .50 Cal Machine Guns

    Remember our past post about the P-51 Mustang test firing it’s six 50 caliber M2 Browning machine guns? I stumbled upon a few pretty cool videos showing some Curtiss P-40 Warhawks test firing their .50 caliber machine guns as well, this time with blanks.┬áThe P-40 first flew in 1938 and was used until the end of WWII. While it didn’t perform as well as the more popular P-51 Mustangs it was the third most produced American fighter right after the P-51 and the P-47 Thunderbolt. I’ve always liked the look of the P-40, especially with the Flying Tigers shark face paint scheme.

    Here’s another P-40 test firing it’s guns in New Zealand.

    And another video from New Zealand of a few P-40s firing their guns in flight, with blanks of course. I’d like to see something like this at air shows more often.

    Ray I.

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