POTD: A Beautiful Colt Delta Gold Cup 10mm

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Robert @ STP writes …

Pictured here is a Colt Delta gold cup 10mm, which came through the LGS that I work at. It was sold online one hour after posting. I called Colt,and they gave it a mfg date of 1990. Note the relatively low-mass Accro rear sight (when compared to a Bo-mar), and how far forward the Colt ’90s era rear slide serrations are. I have never been a fan of 10mm, but if I was ever going to add one to my collection, it would be this one.

Very nice gun! Thanks Robert.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jerrydgeek Jerrydgeek on Sep 07, 2015

    I bought an STI EDGE in 10mm as soon as they became IPSC Legal for Limited class, in 2000. I've had it for all that time, and I'm still using it in competition. Yes, the 10mm is powerful and a bit over-much for IPSC. I admit to using lighter loads for matches ... still makes Major Power and it handles like a dream.

    But no, sadly it's not as beautiful as the Delta Gold Cup. I wonder if I can get one from my kids as a present for Grandparent's Day?

    Probably not, huh?

    Too bad. It's the only pistol I really want, that I don't already have.

    • Mazryonh Mazryonh on Sep 14, 2015

      @Jerrydgeek The original Delta Elite was the pistol that saved the 10mm Auto caliber. Who knows, if those who want Colt to bring back their classic "snake revolvers" get heard by Colt, the company might bring this one back too, maybe even in a railed variant.

  • Mystick Mystick on Sep 08, 2015

    A nice looking gun...