Recall: IMR-4007 SSC Powder

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

IMR Legendary Powders announced a recall of IMR-4007 SSC powder from the following six lots:

  • 10130139
  • 10131139
  • 10429139
  • 10430139
  • 80425139
  • 80426139

According to the company, there have been reports of unusually fast deterioration of this powder in the above lots. This can result in dangerous conditions including spontaneous combustion. Obviously, this could result in property damage and injury.

According to IMR, check any IMR-4007 SSC powder you have in your possession. If you own one of the above lot numbers, fill the container with water to render the powder inert and safe. Then, go to this page and follow the instructions on how to receive replacement powder from IMR.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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