Polymer Ruger 22 Charger Pistols

    22 Charger

    Ruger is now offering four new 22 Charger pistols with a black polymer stock. The new pistols are available in 10- and 15-round models and in standard and takedown versions.

    22 Charger

    The takedown versions of the gun (with either the 10- and 15-round magazines) will carry a suggested retail price of $409. The standard versions of the gun carry a MSRP of $309 each.

    There are currently two other Ruger 22 Charger pistols for sale. The first is a takedown model with a Green Mountain laminate stock and 15-round magazine. The second is a standard model with a brown laminate stock and 15-round magazine. These guns carry the MSRP of $409 and $309 respectively.

    Richard Johnson

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