POTD: The Original Remington 51

    Below are some photos of my personal Remington 51, made between 1921 and 1923. It’s in remarkably good shape for a gun that’s over 90 years old, and is definitely the best condition Model 51 I’ve ever seen in person or in photographs (so, naturally, I had to buy it).

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    My Remington 51 is in .32 ACP, the rarer caliber of the two that the 51 was offered in (the other being .380 ACP, which I frankly would have preferred). The Model 51 is a unique design among handguns, using a floating, skeletonized breechblock as both a locking piece and a piston to drive the slide rearward. It also had a few other strange features, such as the grip panels being held on to the frame by removable rivets, and the grip safety doubling as a slide lock. Of course, such a weird design could only be the product of the genius of John D. Pedersen, whom Browning called “the greatest firearms designer alive”.

    If you want to learn more about the original Remington 51 handgun, Unblinking Eye has a great article on it.