Kalashnikov AK-15 (Saiga 107) Review

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This guest post was written by Erik from Sweden.

During ERC2015 last week – European Rifle Championship in IPSC in Hungary – Kalashnikov, the main sponsor, had an Saiga 107, or “AK-15” as they call it, and a test firing range. A great way for Kalashnikov to get direct feedback from the world’s best shooters in their R&D.

The 107 was a prototype but seemed pretty close to production. It’s focus is competition rather than army use.

My impression is that the rifle shoots very flat with low recoil, however on double taps it moves to the left. From A to C-D zone at 15 meters.

The reason for this, according to Vladimir Onokoy, was that the compensator had 4 holes on the right side and only 3 on the left and the more powerful

European ammunition (Sellior & Bellot 55 grs. in this case) makes the rifle move.

The compensator is still in R&D too.

The rifle featured a 16” free floating barrel. Stock is CAA. Sight: C More red dot.

The rifle’s main disadvantage is the high sight line. According to what I heard they will put a riser on the stock, but this is not the right way to solve a problem in my opinion.

I’m not competent enough to describe the internals of this rifle, but I asked him to open it and it’s obviously a lot more complex than a standard AK or AR for that matter.

Marianna Limarova, famous IPSC pistol production shooter, shoots the rifle for the first time ….

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Vitor Roma Vitor Roma on Sep 02, 2015

    Best video to understand the mechanism


  • Squirreltakular Squirreltakular on Sep 04, 2015

    This is hilarious. My biggest complaint about the AK is that there is hardly any forearm to grab on to. It's like they heard me and went, "Yeah? Here is 2 feet of rail. Enjoy, ass."