PolyCase Inceptor ARX

    Tom Gomez and I are doing a comparative ballistic gel test with this ammunition (and three others), the results of which should be published in an article next month.  We are testing the 9mm version and doing four of the FBI tests.  So far we are definitely seeing some interesting results.

    Nathan S also published a short pointer to some testing videos in an article this past April.

    PolyCase Ammunition® introduces its revolutionary Inceptor® line of ammunition, featuring injection-molded metal-polymer bullets, including the ARX®. The Inceptor® line of ammo achieves reliability, pinpoint accuracy, and extreme performance through advanced technology and precision engineering.
    From the research and development laboratory of PolyCase Ammunition, the flagship ARX® projectile represents the next generation of highly effective self-defense ammo, achieved through advanced design and materials science. Maximum energy is transferred to the target from the fluid dynamic effect produced by the bullet profile. By design, the ARX® harnesses the bullet’s forward momentum to pressurize and eject liquid target matter from the grooves on the bullet ogive. This effect results in stopping power and terminal performance that exceed many expanding handgun bullets.
    The Inceptor® ARX® penetrates soft targets and barriers, including non-hardened 1/16” steel without deformation or degradation in terminal performance. Due to the bullet construction, the ARX® feeds like a round nose and achieves higher velocities than competing self-defense bullets, dynamically and efficiently delivering energy to targets.

    This PR from PolyCase just came across my inbox and I thought I’d push a teaser for the upcoming article.


    Frame capture from a GoPro showing cavitation through cloth layer (these are 6″x6″x16″ gel blocks)

    You can find out more about the Inceptor ARX at http://www.polycaseammo.com/products/inceptor-arx

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