New BLACKHAWK! Logo Honors Their Military Roots

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BLACKHAWK! was founded more than two decades ago, but the idea for its existence started a little earlier, in 1990. At that time, the company’s founder, who was a Navy SEAL, was attempting to cross a minefield, and his pack failed. As the story goes, he watched his gear fall from the useless pack and vowed to one day make his own truly durable, reliable equipment – should he get out alive, of course. He did, and made good on his vow, founding BLACKHAWK! which has gained an undeniably solid reputation in the industry for everything from packs to holsters to boots.

Although this isn’t an announcement of a new holster or stock, it’s still noteworthy because it comes from a company that manufactures great gear for firearms and their use, and it honors our military. BLACKHAWK! has decided to change their logo, altering it to include an angled trident, which honors both the company founder’s SEAL service as well as the teams in general.

Chuck Buis, product director, said “While BLACKHAWK! has progressed from a small nylon company to a worldwide provider of tactical and duty gear, we still have that same passion to produce only the highest-quality gear. The original vow still exists in everything we do.” Of the new logo, Buis added, “Our new logo is not only a nod to our past but a promise to continue this dedication in future endeavors.”

Although it may not be the typical gun-related news, it’s worth taking note. It’s always nice to see a company make an open, positive gesture towards our military.

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    Hmm...close the VA facility, rebrand...and ask chuck why people can't email about all the issues on the Sherpa in house....and I'm pretty sure the minefield story is like much of mikes stories...koolaid