CZ Scorpion Upgrades: MLOK and QD Sling mounts

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works helped me out with a little project I had in mind to upgrade my CZ Scorpion Evo3.

First I wanted to cut QD holes into my CZ Custom Shop buffer tube adapter. The blocky design allowed for plenty of material to support QD holes for my Magpul QD sling. The forward face of the adapter has a negative cavity, that is why you can see a gap in the rearward QD hole. I know you can see bare aluminum. I may have this re-coated, but it is not a priority for me.

The second modification I wanted to have done was to shave off the side rails and cut M-LOK slots into the sides. The side rails are a tad bit bulky and rough, especially since I like to hold the front of the Scorpion with my left hand and my thumb high.

The M-LOK slots were very easy to cut once we found the correct dimensions online. Here is a pic of the shroud cleanly shaven.

Here is a picture of the M-LOK slots that were cut into the polymer shell. The shroud already had some narrow rectangular slots above the side rails. They were wider and shorter than M-LOK slots. So we agreed to use the factory slot width and make the M-LOK slots slightly wider. We did not anticipate the bit of material you can see at the leading edge of the slots.

I purchased some M-LOK accessories and it works.

I did notice that the QD mount screws were close if not touching the barrel. So I sanded them down with a belt sander.

Here is a pic of John testing out my Scorpion for the first time. Notice where his support thumb is? That is how I hold the Scorpion. With the side shaved down it feels much better and I can still add accessories on a whim.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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