Reloading Fail PSA: Don’t Forget to Crimp (Warning: Graphic Injury Images)

    A reloading PSA has popped up in a Facebook forum known as the Shooting Bench, complete with pictures to really hammer the message home. Apparently the reloader in question was loading .45-70s and failed to crimp; his account follows:

    “Anyone ever wondered what an exploding .45-70 Marlin guide gun will do to a person’s hand. All my measurements and charges were correct. But I forgot to crimp the bullet. This caused the bullet to seat deeper and deeper with every shot which ultimately seated the bullet to a point were the pressures were dangerously high causing the pressure to build before the bullet could leave the barrel.” (spelling and punctuation his)

    The original poster was not identified, but the damage to his hand is clear enough. According to the Shooting Bench the reloader was told his hand could not be fully sutured because there was such extensive tissue damage the doctors have been left with the option of grafts and the need to be able to remove necrotic tissue as time passes.

    Warning, guys, the images of his hand are fairly graphic.






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