Magpul MBUS Pro Front Sight Post Options

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Two new options are available for your MBUS Pro front sight posts.

Magpul released a new front sight post for their MBUS PRO front sight. The new sight post retails for $9.95 and is dual purpose. It has a rectangular cross section which allows the user to install it with a standard profile or rotate it 90 degrees for a thinner profile for precision targeting.

The MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post is an upgrade for both the MBUS Pro and the MBUS Pro Offset Front Sights.

Featuring a rectangular cross-section, the MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post offers the user the option of a 0.040” Match profile for precision shooting or a standard 0.060” profile for visibility without changing posts. Simply raise the post until it spins freely and rotate 90-degrees to present the other sight profile, then lower the post to its original position and confirm zero. The Match width side of the post has a marking dimple for easy identification during installation.

Precision machined of alloy steel, the sight post features a Mil-Spec manganese phosphate finish for corrosion resistance and abrasion protection.

Made in U.S.A.


  • Fits MBUS Pro and Pro Offset Front Sights
  • Selectable between Match and Standard widths
    —.040” Match Post for increased precision
    —.060” Standard Post for maximum visibility
  • Standard Post features streamlined thin profile
  • Precision machined alloy steel construction
  • Mil-spec Manganese Phosphate finish
  • Marking dimple on Match side for easy identification
  • Maintains same range of elevation adjustment

Another option is made by Blitzkrieg Components. They are making a luminescent front sight post for the MBUS Pro. According to their Facebook post, the new sight post will be available in September.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Blake Blake on Aug 28, 2015

    I was so bummed when I realized their chevron front post wouldn't fit the Magpul Pro. At least they're supporting them somewhat.

  • Gabriel Owens Gabriel Owens on Sep 06, 2015

    are these decent sights or would Troys be better? I can get either for same price.