The Littlest Browning 1917 Gun Crew

Nathaniel F
by Nathaniel F

Handheld fully automatic weapons require skill and strength to use effectively. Although a skilled and strong shooter can control even legendarily “uncontrollable” weapons like the AR-10 safely, many less-experienced smaller shooters, such as kids, have trouble safely controlling even “controllable” weapons like submachine guns. Unfortunately, this combination can sometimes have disastrous results.

The solution to introducing young ones to the wide world of full auto is therefore obvious: The stable, tripod-mounted rifle-caliber belt-fed machine gun:

I don’t think full auto weapons are for everyone, certainly not all children and it’s definitely true that any youngster put behind the trigger of even a Browning should already be a seasoned shooter of less capable weapons, but in the context of “my first machine gun experience”, the tripod-mounted machine gun is an excellent choice, not only for children but for anyone new to the world of full auto.

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Nathaniel F
Nathaniel F

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