Dual Wielding Roman Candle Cannons

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

These guys used roman candles and strapped them to one guy’s arms. It is a pretty cool display of fireworks used as firearms.

They experimented with hand held versions in part one and part two of their video.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Lance Lance on Aug 25, 2015

    Pls stop people like these who use fireworks dangerously keep giving ammo to the nanny staters who also want to ban fireworks like they do guns. Quit promoting them!

  • Noob Noob on Aug 26, 2015

    A roman candle stacks its shells in a mortar tube such that they all go off in sequence.

    In 1983 Brisbane, Australia inventor J. Mike O'Dwyer invented a way to stack bullets in a barrel with an obdurating seal between each propellant charge and the next bullet such that when the bullet at the front of the stack was fired by electrical priming the remaining bullets would not fire but wait to be set off by command. This means that the Metal Storm weapon system could achieve single accurate shots or automatic fire rates of over a million rounds per minute. Since the only moving part is the bullet the barrels stuffed with projectiles could be stacked in arrays to throw a literal wall of lead downrange. The charges that power each projectile were tuned so that although each bullet in the stack had a different effective barrel length to travel every bullet would hit the same point of aim from the first bullet in the stack facing a short barrel to the last bullet that has to travel the space occupied by the bullets that were ahead of it.

    The Chinese government offered O'Dwyer $100million to relocate to China and take the technology with him but he refused.

    Unfortunately there was never much institutional support for MetalStorm in the west. Reloads are essentially spare barrels and are not cheap. In 2012 O'Dwyer's company went in to voluntary administration.

    Perhaps his patents will be quietly bought up by a defense giant and we will see the technology again one day. I hope we don't see it from the wrong end.