Taofledermaus Wants to Know: Can You ID This Mystery Round?

    There’s nothing like a mystery round to pique the interest of gun aficionados all around the internet, and thanks to Taofledermaus, of Youtube fame, there’s a new one. A viewer apparently sent Taofledermaus two mystery shotgun slugs, so he took a close look and sent them down-range to find out just what they were capable of doing. The rounds delivered nice penetration capabilities – well, at 100 yards, anyway – it’s just too bad he only had two rounds to work with.

    Originally Taofledermaus believed the rounds to be Latvian, but after some extensive research – and after already having posted the video below on Youtube – he made a discovery as to their origin. Rather than make this too easy, here’s the video, and the answer of their origin will be posted below.

    Taofledermaus said he discovered these are Poleva bullets dating back to Russia’s Soviet era. What do you guys think? Did he get it right, and if so, what do you all know about Poleva bullets?


    TFB Staffer

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