JEBS Precision Choke Tubes Teams Up With Duck Commander

    It’s a match made in duck-hunting heaven: JEBS Precision Choke Tubes and Duck Commander are teaming up, just in time for the coming season. If you want to give your hunting an edge this year, you might consider a new choke, and JEBS chokes are considered leaders in the field.

    JEBS doesn’t make just any chokes, their chokes currently hold the still-target world record. The company makes chokes for everything from targets to clays to upland birds; no matter what your shooting sport of choice may be, they have you covered. They maintain strict quality control and use the latest technology to manufacture their chokes, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee. Their chokes are┬áproduced with an innovative internal design that is patented and made specifically to deliver a tighter pattern, which means a more effective wound track on game and a cleaner kill.

    Duck Commander is, of course, the company known even by those outside the hunting and firearm industry thanks to the T.V. show, Duck Dynasty. The company itself produces everything from duck calls to countless accessories featuring their brand and has a solid reputation in the industry. According to Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, the men had heard about JEBS chokes but had yet to see them in action, so they set up some range time with the company to find out for themselves what all the fuss was about.

    For the purposes of testing, the Robertsons took their Mossberg shotguns and a variety of chokes and shells. At a distance of forty yards the average pattern was about 70 pellets in a 30″ circle, but that changed when they switched to JEBS High Voltage choke. With the JEBS choke their patterns changed dramatically, increasing to 110-115 pellets at the same range, using the same shotgun and shotshells. Phil Robertson said the choke makes “too much of a difference not to” have a positive effect on this season’s duck hunts.

    Bobby Sears, JEBS CEO, announced the company is “proud to partner with Duck Commander”. The two companies each bring important duck hunting items to the table and should complement one another nicely. It has not yet been announced exactly how they plan to partner or what this could mean for future products.

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