Scots Afraid of Armed Police Officer In Supermarket

    Last Sunday, an article was posted about Scottish shoppers reacting poorly to an armed police officer shopping in a super market. Photos were posted of the police officer as he was shopping for lunch in a Tesco market in Redding, Scotland. Which is near Falkirk, about 45 mins drive from Edinburgh.


    People were shocked that the police officer was armed with a pistol, taser and CS gas. Police officers are not armed unless responding to a firearms offense or if life is threatened. Since he was just shopping for his lunch people are reacting poorly.

    One shopper said: “He stood out from the crowd and did not look as though he was on duty never mind attending any sort of 999 call.

    “His hands were full as he left the store so I don’t think he would have been able to use his gun even if he had to.”

    This is what happens when you have a majority disarmed populace. They become afraid of the mundane.

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