Shooting the Awesome MK760 Submachine Gun

Alex C.
by Alex C.

The MK760 is a copy of the Smith and Wesson 76, which was a copy of the famous Swedish K submachinegun. These affordable SMGs are widely available in the USA, and we set out to see what this little SMG is capable of.

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(tranquil music) (rapid gunfire) (metal clanging) – Alright guys, today at the range, we’ve got a really cool submachine gun for you.

That’s gonna be an MK 760, which is a copy of the Smith & Wesson 76, which was a licensed copy of the M 45, also known as the Swedish K submachine gun.

Those were very very popular in Vietnam, amongst, I dunno, special operations guys because when you rose out of the water, it drained out in a fraction of a second.

Smith & Wesson finally started copying them when the Swedes decided they didn’t like what we were doing in Vietnam.

And by extension, we got these.

And before today, this was actually an unfired machine gun that we were lent by a friend who we’re very thankful for.

We’re gonna get some different opinions today, Patrick and I are both gonna shoot the hell out of it.

And hopefully have a good time.

So, with that, I’ll turn it over to Patrick.

– Alright, so now Alex has turned the MK 760 over to me.

I’m gonna go through the controls real briefly.

It’s pretty straightforward, it’s pretty much a piece fencepost with a barrel stuck in the end and a bolt.

But, realistically, you’ve got your bolt here, so it is an open-bolt gun.

You’ve got your safety selector right here.

So you’ve got safe, semi and full.

Might be on safe.

So you see, it just slams forward and fires the gun.

So, we’ll put it on safe real quick, load up a magazine, and then I’m gonna do something irresponsible, and shoot it in semi-auto.

(gunshots echo) Well, it’s not truly semi.

So we’ll put that into full-auto and have some fun.

(rapid gunfire) Uh-oh, bit of a jam.


You know, I am the breaker of all things.

There we go, it looks like few rounds of the mag didn’t wanna feed quite right.

I’m gonna have to say, I really do like this gun.

It’s really controllable, almost on MP 40 level.

But it handles really well and I like it a lot.

And the cool thing, it’s got a little bit of a folding stock here, so if you wanna go ahead and shoot like a movie hero, you can.

So I mentioned earlier that it had a folding stock, it’s a little bit nicer than your standard wire stock.

And it locks in place pretty securely.

So, here goes nothin.

(rapid gunfire) Alright, so I don’t know if the sights are off or if I’m just a terrible shot, probably leaning towards the second one.

Still, fun gun to shoot.

– Alright guys, so I’m gonna see if the MK 760 functions with the stock folded, hopefully it does.

(rapid gunfire) A little malfunction.

One little hiccup, but this is a brand new gun.

First time this machine gun’s been shot is today, so hopefully we keep breaking it in.

(rapid gunfire) – It’s not accurate. Not even kind of.

– I’m starting to really like this thing.

I don’t know why, it’s a simple tube gun, but I’m doing pretty well with it.

(rapid gunfire) (metal clanging) You know, it’s accurate for me, I’m ringin the heck out of the steel, which is a lot of fun.

You know, for a pretty reasonably priced machine gun, these aren’t bad, I actually might start looking at them.

Alright guys, so we had some fun today with the MK 760 but I think we have a conflicting opinion.

– Yeah, I didn’t enjoy it as much as Alex did.

– You know, maybe my Swedish blood just kinda realizes that the genetics of this gun are based there or something.

– That sounds like a load of crap to me.

– But I shot it a lot, it malfunctioned once or twice but it is a brand new gun.

I can even see where it’s kinda rubbing some finish off on the bolt, which means it’s rubbing the inside of the tube.

It’s kinda cool shooting an unfired machine gun, I feel bad, I wanted to make sure the owner of this gun was cool with that, and he actually said “Please shoot it, so you can let me know if there’s something wrong with it.” – I have to say, it ran really well. It really did.

I enjoyed it a lot, I just didn’t shoot it as well as I shoot some other machine guns, Like the MPO, the MP5 or some of the other ones out there.

– And this is more crude than those, remember, the MK 760 is a tube gun.

It was designed to get in before the 86 cutoff, and they were built hastily.

However, for four or five grand, which is pretty low for a machine gun in the United States, I was reasonably happy with it, and I’m sure you could rectify any issues by breaking it in or sending it off to someone like M60 Joe or Ohio Ordinance to get it really looked at.

But to be honest, I would just shoot it until it broke apart and it’s gonna last the owner a very long time.

– God, it’s made from lava.

It’s hot here in Texas, if you can’t tell.

I promise I’m not oiling up for the camera.

I think for the money I’d rather have a MAC 10 honestly.

– MAC 10s have gone up to about six thousand nowadays.

– I’d rather spend an extra grand.

– I’d rather spend the extra grand too, but honestly, if I bought one of these and I slicked it up and did a few things, you could make it into a really cool gun.

And they do have some aftermarket as well to make them more shootable.

– Here, you got the operator gloves, that’s awful.

– But, all in all, I think we both agree, not a bad gun.

– No not at all – We’ve just, maybe been spoiled by some other, better guns.

– I mean, yes, that’s an absolute.

But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for the right price.

I don’t think it would be my first choice.

I wouldn’t search one out, but if somebody said “Hey, I’ve got this MK 760 I’d like to sell and I want a good deal on it.” then sure.

I wouldn’t feel bad about it.

– Anyways, I think that’s it for today on TFBTV guys.

As you saw, we shot the heck out of our Grizzly targets.

– And Ventura Munitions provided plenty of food for the gun.

– Without them, shooting machine guns all day wouldn’t be plausible.

– It would be a much quieter video.

– Yes it would, but thanks for watching guys, as always.

– Go ahead and hit the subscribe button and the like button, if you don’t mind.

– Yeah, we’d appreciate that. Watch us next time.

We’ll be back with something else cool, I assure you.

(triumphant music)

Alex C.
Alex C.

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  • Jq1 Jq1 on Aug 22, 2015

    The fat guy is going to shoot some toes off someday. That downward sweeping motion between shots or magazines is totally unnecessary.

  • JCitizen JCitizen on Aug 25, 2015

    When I was dealing in Title II arms back in the '70s; everyone considered this weapon the bottom of the pit. None of us had any respect for it. I'd take the Gustav M45 over it any day.