The B&T APC-9 Submachine Gun, VP9 Pistol And Others (B&T Police & Military Day 2015) [PHOTO HEAVY]

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A special thank you to our good friend Erik for writing this post and taking these awesome photo for us.

It has now become a tradition for B&T to invite their partners and customers for a yearly mini exhibition in Thun, Switzerland. This year about 40 exhibitors and some 800 participants could enjoy the possibility to wander around the latest products and also try some of B&T’s and H&K’s guns at the shooting range.

Heckler & Koch exhibited their latest versions of the MP5, MP7, the UMP, HK416 / 417, G28, G36 to heavier machine guns MG4, MG121 and their grenade launchers of 40 mm. I know what you’re thinking, but unfortunately only the SFP9 (HK VP9 in the USA) was available for testing. Regardless the waiting line to test it lingered long.

We managed to get our hands on the H&K SFP9 and most of the guns made by B&T, including the MP9, KH9, APC-9, P26 and the rifle-calibred APC-223/300.

The P26 is a low-cost APC-9, with mainly polymer materials instead of aluminium. The list price in Switzerland is around 1200 USD, less than half of an APC-9.

B&T AG P26

The APC-9 is now also available with a new collapsible stock, making it a great modern PDW. It just looks so right on the gun, offers great support and stability while being very easy to manipulate. Perhaps it’s time to retire the HK MP5 at last?


If you like a modern version of the Welrod look no further. B&T VP9 is there for you. Very, very silent, basically all you hear is the firing pin. The name is very confusing, considering H&K’s VP9 in the US. B&Ts VP stands for “Veterinary Pistol”, which makes a lot of sense.

The B&T VP9

Swedish Aimpoint displayed their latest red dot sights, T2 for instance, which are more or less standardised on most of B&T’s guns.

B&T Shop

There’s a scene in the movie “The Matrix”, where the character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is in need of a weapon, or a “miracle”. This is what it feels like to step into the B&T Shop. I’m pretty sure this would be the largest dedicated arms and accessories store in Europe. They also carry a very large collection of 5.11 Tactical, among other similar brands.

A lot of different types of ammunition is also available. Name the calibre and bullet weight and it’s quite possible they have it.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • WFA WFA on Aug 17, 2015

    Can anyone tell me how the APC223 front handguard/rail is removed?
    Is the barrel held in a trunnion that also hold the front handguard in place?
    Is movement/pressure on the handguard (say from a bipod) is going to transfer to the trunnion and affect muzzle position as a result?

  • Glock Guy Glock Guy on Aug 17, 2015

    Gun porn, gotta love it!