The New Russian Shotgun Round .366 TKM for SKS, AK Rifles

    Russian ammo maker Techkrim (small company specializing mostly in less-lethal and sporting ammunition) has introduced a new shotgun round, called the .366 TKM

    It is based on the 7.62×39 M43 case necked out to .366 (9.5mm), with taper but no neck. Its main intent is for the use of surplus 7.62×39 weapons bored out or rebarreled to smoothbore configuration, preferably with Paradox rifling at the front 140mm (4.5″) of the bore.

    Due to Russian gun laws, a rifle license can be obtained only after a minimum of 5 years of shotgun ownership. However, many people here want to own “military style” weapons for plinking, sport shooting, home defense and hunting, without that idiotic 5-year waiting period.

    This ammunition, combined with rebarreled SKS carbines, offer a close match to a rifle at the ranges of up to 100-150 meters, with the same look and feel as the original Simonov. Apparently, other 7.62×39 weapons such as AKM also can be easily converted to smoothbore .366 configuration, but at this time only the Molot VPO-208 (rebarreled SKS) weapons are introduced along with this new ammo

    Basic stats are as follows:
    Case dimensions, metric: 9.55x37mm
    Available projectiles:
    11 gram FMJ slug at 700 m/s (170 grain @ 2295 fps)
    13.5 gram polymer-coated lead slug at 640 m/s (208 grain @ 2100 fps )
    15 gram FMJ and JSP slugs at 620 m/s (231 grain @ 2030 fps)
    20 gram birdshot (0.7 oz)

    Max Popenker

    Max Popenker is a long-time firearms enthusiast and semi-amateur firearms historian from Russia. His primary interest is in automatic firearms, their evolution and use. He wrote a number of books on the subject and maintains a Modern Firearms website at