Browning Hi-Power Bullet Puller

    I am not sure what to call this type of malfunction. Yesterday, I went to the range with a co-worker. He brought along his Browning Hi-Power. On the last round, of a shooting string, this happened. He said he felt a pop and then mushy trigger. He looked at the chamber and saw the malfunction, which you can see in the picture above.

    That is the bullet sitting pretty in the ejection port. Immediately below it is the empty aluminum casing. The ammo is made by Federal. I cannot wrap my brain around how this could happen. Is this a squib? But the bullet was not lodged into the barrel. There was enough back pressure to move the slide back and extract the casing and somehow the bullet hitched a ride and came back out with the empty casing.

    Very strange indeed.

    Here is a photo of the bullet and casing.

    Browning Fail 2

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