POTD: The Latest Chinese Weaponry

    Type QCW-05 Submachine Gun

    Andrew wrote …

    Your recent posting about PLA weaponry reminded me of all the pictures i took at the Chinese National Airshow in Zhuhai, China last November. Norinco, the largest arms manufacturer in China (Canadians know them well) makes everything from handguns to Main Battle Tanks and Spy Satellites, all of which were on display in a large hanger they had prepared to show off their goods. Zhuhai is meant to generate export sales so the arms on display are usually chambered in conventional NATO rounds rather than the unique Chinese stuff.


    Unknown model 9mm submachine gun


    NAR-10 Rifle


    NQU-03 Bullpup Rifle


    CS/LR4 Rifle

    I like the design of the newer Chinese firearms. They are very slick.