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If you’re interested in taking your self-defense shooting to the next level, take a look at the new steel target from Custom Metal Targets. Their newest product is the Tactical B-C Zone steel target, which was designed with advanced self-defense tactics in mind whether for instruction purposes or private use. The new target is a steel torso with a plate peeking out over the torso’s shoulder to symbolize an assailant’s head behind a hostage as well as a center mass target that flips out when hit. When you strike the plates and they flip out, you can simply shoot them again to reset.

The Tactical B-C Zone target comes with everything you need including the stand and hardware, and because the stand separates from the target itself it’s more portable than it would be otherwise. When attached, it is secure: the torso attaches to the stand via a socket in its base, which is fastened with Grade 8 carriage bolts. The target is made with AR500 steel, as is customary with Custom Metal Targets products, and measures 3/8″ thick, 12″ wide, and 24″ high.

President of Custom Metal Targets, HR Eddens, said “Whether you are looking for a steel target that adds a new dimension to your training, or you just want something new down range, we think the Tactical B-C Zone target will meet your requirements.”

Reactive targets certainly give training an edge above sticking to paper, not only because they move when hit but also due to the auditory confirmation of success. Custom Metal Targets has been making AR500 steel targets for years for everything from competitive to military to private use. To take a closer look at their product lineup, visit their website at MSRP for this particular target is $299.

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  • Ghost Ghost on Aug 13, 2015

    I used 2x2s and cardboard. Had my brother in law lay on the cardboard and drew a chalk line around him, then cut it out, attached to 2x2s. Saved original cut out as a template. Did not keep up with cost of material, but pretty sure it was less than $300, not counting the beer.