POTD: Spruced Up Mossberg 715P

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

The Mossberg 715 gets a bad rap. It is as popular as Hi Point firearms. The people who do like it have different values than the people who despise it. It is a glorified 702 Plinkster in a polymer shell. It is like a Pontiac Fiero dressed up to look like a Ferrari.

However I came across this 715 pistol variant. It was less than $100 used when you factor the value of the Magpul sling that it came with.

I saw potential for it to be something fun. Add a SWR SpectreII Suppressor, laser, optics and a cheek rest, and it can be a fun plinker.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Jerry young Jerry young on Aug 11, 2015

    I own the plain 715T my son bought it for me as a birthday present, while I don't shoot it much it does shoot quite well and is very accurate, it's more of a gun safe queen, not a bad gun for the cost if you were to buy one and want an AR look alike, but I kind of like the dressed up version and the pistol, it's just a fun gun to shoot when you want to blow off a bunch of 22's or take the kids out to the range for some fun

  • David Sharpe David Sharpe on Aug 13, 2015

    I actually kinda want to buy one of these and put the 715T stock on it.....I would if this wasn't limited to 10 rounds in Canada.