POTD: People’s Liberation Army Weapons

    Brendan sent us photos he took of China’s People’s Liberation Army troops. Rifles and machine guns pictured include the QBZ-03 (conventional layout rifle alternative to the better known Chinese bullpup QBZ-95), Type 81-1 (China’s 1981 version of the AK  oops ), the
    Type 81 LMG (light automatic rifle version of the Type 81) and a box full of Type 54 pistols.

    Brendan said he was not allowed to share any other details, or how he came to take these photos. The two photos directly below appear to be China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy / PLAN) recruits in training, possibly PLA Navy Marines. The insignia the indicates they are equivalent to a Private (2nd Class). The rest of the photos appear to be PLA Army.




    PLA QBZ-03

    Thanks Brendan!

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