POTD: The Great Model 8

    The Remington Model 8 was the brainchild of none other than John M. Browning himself, and was one of the first semiautomatic rifles to hit the civilian hunting market. One of the most important firearms of the 20th Century, the Model 8’s influence can be felt in rifles from the M1 Garand to the AK-47, and many of these excellent firearms still bag game every season.

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    The Model 8 is a long-recoil action, where the barrel and bolt are locked together for their entire rearward travel, and then the bolt locks to the rear while the barrel is allowed to travel back forward under spring pressure, where it then trips a release that allows the bolt forward to initiate feeding. The Model 8 was produced from 1906-1936, and its improved variant, the Model 81, was produced from 1936 to 1950. Interestingly, every single Model 8 and 81 produced were takedown rifles, with a removable barrel for easier transport.