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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Vanessa Medina, a reporter for WSVN Miami/Fort Lauderdale, underwent some police training scenarios to experience what officers go thru specifically regarding when to use deadly force. Vanessa admits she is gun shy and you can see instances where she mentally shuts down and stops thinking. Granted this is throwing a non-swimmer into the deep end of a virtual pool. While it is not real, the lesson does seem to come across. The last part is rather disturbing.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • LetsTryLibertyAgain LetsTryLibertyAgain on Aug 12, 2015

    At this point, police departments could have weeks of training videos showing when not to escalate violence, when not to shoot a mentally ill teenager, when not to slam a drunk handcuffed woman's face into a concrete curb, when not to beat a stroke victim, when not to pepper spray a person in a diabetic coma, when not to shoot a dog, etc. All they'd need to do is search YouTube for Police Brutality, and keep clicking on the related videos in the sidebar. There's a nearly unlimited amount of free training! These videos seem to be uploaded faster than we could watch them in real time.

    Rather than train in violence and the paranoid suspicion that every taxpayer is murderous terrorist psychopath, I'd rather they watched Andy Griffith reruns so they might develop an appreciation for the protecting and serving that seems to have disappeared from their profession in the last couple of decades.

    At this point, I'd simply like to see them renewing their vows to defend our Constitution. Maybe have some remedial education in the Bill of Rights so they understood their oath.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain LetsTryLibertyAgain on Aug 12, 2015

    Here's another local news report from Modesto California that shows a reporter undergoing very similar police situational training. It's difficult to say depending on how the video was edited, but the media slant seemed favorable to the police, but the video training all seemed geared toward teaching police that every encounter with the public is likely to become violent. The reporter was consistently late to deploy force and was killed in the simulations. The message of the training seems to be "draw your weapon immediately, and at the first sign that a person isn't complying with your orders, shoot them before they can shoot you."

    A guy on his own property can kill you. A prostitute or her customer can kill you. A woman who just lost her job can kill you. If this is to represent real world training, I'd like to see some successful conflict de-escalation scenarios where the correct answer isn't always to shoot someone before they shoot you.

    Based on some YouTube videos I've seen, I'd like to see training that could avoid using a Taser and then an eight second pepper spraying of a man having a stroke, before dragging him out of his car and allowing his car to run over him.

    Or maybe some training to avoid police raiding a medical marijuana dispensary, making jokes about punching a wheelchair bound amputee in her stump, eating the medical marijuana snacks, laughing and playing darts.