Slidefire Slo-mo

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Outdoor Hub posted a video of an AR equipped with a slide fire stock. They film it at 2,000 fps. It is pretty cool watching the AR cycle in slo mo and seeing the whole gun slide back.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • ARluv ARluv on Aug 08, 2015

    It still amazes me that ATF has pronounced itself so strongly with the Sig Brace and yet no comments have been made about this product. On the one hand you have a product initially developed to assist shooters to fire an AR pistol the way the ATF has defined it...and in the other you have a product that allows you to fire full auto? How much you want to bet there are some serious politics and cash involved in that decision.

  • Nom Nom on Aug 13, 2015

    This is the Lapeer Pit!