Sightmark ReadyFire Pistol Lasers

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Sightmark Laser

Sightmark recently introduced of a series of pistol mounted lasers. Called the ReadyFire Pistol Laser Series, the initial offering has four models:

  • R5 – full size, red laser (2x AG13 batteries)
  • CR5 – compact size, red laser (CR2 battery)
  • G5 – full size, green laser (CR123A battery)
  • CG5 – compact size, green laser (CR2 battery)

The units range in price from a suggested retail of $59.99 for the full size red laser R5 to $155.99 for the compact green laser (CG5). Casting about online, I found the R5 selling for less than $50.

Sightmark Compact Laser

The Sightmark lasers mount to the accessory rail of a pistol and have on/off buttons on both sides of the units.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Stephen Stephen on Aug 05, 2015

    I have taught firearms classes for a number of years and from what I saw, a lot of students that had sightmark experienced problems. I would stick with Streamlight or Surefire - never had anyone who complained about them.

    Something to think about.

  • TheNotoriousIUD TheNotoriousIUD on Aug 05, 2015

    Amazon reviews are mediocre on quality.
    And their website calls their green laser a "laser designator". I guess that'll be handy the next time I need to light up a terrorist training camp for a JDAM strike.