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There are many benefits to reloading from saving money to the ability to customize your loads, and if you’re a reloader you probably have quite a setup devoted to the process. After all, attention to detail is a vital part of reloading ammunition. We’ve all seen the disastrous results of reloads gone wrong: gun barrels peeled like bananas, catastrophic failures, and the list goes on. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the necessary tools, follow SAAMI guidelines, and, above all, pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re reloading.

Lyman has a new product out designed to make part of the reloading process a bit simpler. It’s their new Turbo Case/Media Separator. According to Lyman, their team examined the competition’s separators and took a shot at improving on everything aspect possible, and this is the result. Their separator has an inner basket that locks securely and is attached to a crank handle designed for ease of use. The container itself seals tightly to keep media and debris inside during the process. If you want to make the process cleaner and easier, check out the new Lyman Turbo Case/Media Separator. After all, you can never have too much ammunition, too much trigger time – or too many gun-related gadgets.

Do you reload? If so, what’s your favorite load (if you’re willing to give it up) and what’s your best cautionary reloading tale?

Features as listed by Lyman:

* Free-spinning crank handle cover

* Improved latches for a tight lock-up of the basket and cover

* Can be used with either right or left hand

* Right seal to trap media and dust inside

* Weighs 5 pounds, empty

For a closer look, visit Lyman’s website at MSRP $39.95.

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  • JNZ JNZ on Aug 04, 2015

    Sweet, a "new" case media separator that almost an exact clone of 10 other versions out there which are all clones of each other. Way to go Lyman, bonus points for importing more plastic out of China.

  • Heretical Politik Heretical Politik on Aug 04, 2015

    I do kinda like the top cover. I have one of the Franklin Arsenal media separators, it works fine, but if I turn it too quickly I get media everywhere. And nothing everyone doesn't know but:

    1.26" OAL
    5.0 gr Bullseye
    230 gr FMJ
    CCI Primer
    Mixed Brass