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If you want to videotape your hunts, Tactacam is a company that’s all about making it happen regardless of what weapon you hunt with. The Illinois-based company is all about coming up with the best ways to record your hunts, from designing cameras to capture images more in line with what the human eye sees to making user-friendly equipment. Their newest product is a custom gun mount that’s made to fit everything from shotguns to rifles to crossbows.

The new Tactacam Custom Mount fits a wide range of weapons but was specifically made for shotguns and larger-caliber rifles. Even so, it’s versatile enough to also fit crossbows, muzzleloaders, and .22 rifles. It has a rubber coating so it won’t leave marks on your weapons and fits onto your gun or crossbow with a simple lever that’s made for easy operating and a tight fit. The new mount isn’t only for cameras, either, according to the company it fits scopes as well up to a size 34mm.

It’s not designed just for versatility, either, it’s also designed to stay put. CEO Jeff Peel said “This new and improved gun mount comes from hundreds of hours of testing different styles of mounts, to finally create a mount that did not move during the shot of any weapon we tested it on.”

Hunting is even better when you have video proof of that great shot or even the unbelievable buck you weren’t able to get a clear shot on. MSRP is not yet listed, but you can visit Tactacam’s website at

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