Galil ACE Release Delayed Until Late 2015, 2016

    Bad news for those looking forward to the latest Israeli Kalashnikov rifle: IWI’s launch of the Galil ACE to the US market has been delayed, according to a post on the US division’s Facebook page:

    As all of you know, we have been seriously delayed in bringing the Galil ACE to market. Suffice to say that we believe it is better to delay deliveries if a problem is discovered, rather than bring the product to market prematurely. (Most of the issues encountered were in converting full auto to semi-auto configuration.) In any case, here is our revised delivery schedule (which could still be modified if necessary):

    Galil ACE pistol in 7.62x39mm – September, 2015
    Galil ACE pistol w/Stabilizing Brace, 7.62x39mm – October, 2015
    Galil ACE rifle, 7.62x39mm – late October/early November, 2015

    Galil ACE pistol in 7.62 NATO – January, 2016
    Galil ACE pistol w/Stabilizing Brace, 7.62 NATO – February, 2016
    Galil ACE rifle, 7.62 NATO – March, 2016

    Galil ACE 5.56 NATO – 2nd Quarter 2016

    We apologize for these delays, but again, we want to make sure that what we bring to market meets our standards and your expectations.

    Oddly, IWI-USA appears to be saying that they are having trouble creating a semi-automatic trigger group for the ACE, and uses language that suggests the receivers are being converted from full auto examples to semi-auto, something that under US law results in a firearm that is still legally a machine gun. Whether IWI is referring to a change in the design, or perhaps difficulties satisfying the ATF’s requirements for a sem-auto receiver that cannot be converted to full auto is unknown.

    H/T, Hebrew Hammer Blog.

    Nathaniel F

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