Vintage Military Arms From Tactical Gear

    If you’re a fan of historically relevant military firearms, Tactical Gear Distributors (TGD) is starting a program that may interest you. TGD is calling it their Vintage Military Arms Program, and through it you’ll be able to purchase military firearms of the past. David Nau, TGD president, said of the new program “The Vintage Military Arms Program provides a great opportunity to own a piece of American history. These are the firearms that your fathers and grandfathers relied on in the fields of battle.”


    Guns being included are Springfield Armory’s M1A rifles, Auto Ordnance’s M1 Carbine, Inland Manufacturing’s M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine, and Thompson’s 1927 A-1 Tommy Gun. TGD is a wholesaler and says these firearms and others will be made available to stores through fast delivery.

    Whether you’re a gun store owner, dealer, or just want to take a look at TGD’s website, visit It’s great to see companies get involved increasing production and sales of guns with historical importance to our nation; even better when you’re able to own and shoot them yourself. Which gun is your favorite from our nation’s military history?


    TFB Staffer

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