The Best Zero for Your Rifle is Maximum Hangtime?

    Conventional wisdom for a modern sporting rifle is to set the zero either at 50/200 or 100 yards. This is especially common with standard military sights, which have built-in clocks for bullet drop at extended distances. However, with the advent of red-dot sights (which cannot move for distance (yet), shooters are stuck with a single POA.

    The New Rifleman thus contends that one should set their zero for “maximum hangtime” or commonly, the lowest that the optic will go. This gives the shooter the most distance that the bullet will be above the dot and not requiring any compensation for bullet drop. This is particularly interesting as the bullet can only go so high compared to the red dot while drop happens quickly.


    Hit the link to read The New Rifleman’s detailed thinking. 

    What do you think? Go for a “standard” zero or push to maximum hangtime?

    Nathan S

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