Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge

    Keith Garcia posted this video on July 21. He is practicing with his Benelli M2 which has been modified by Taran Tactical. He loads 8 and shoots 8 shots in 4.92 secs.

    I just received a new Benelli M2 from Taran Butler at TTI. He did his quad load package on it and it’s a thing of beauty. I intended to break it in today and run a case of ammo thru it. I quickly figured out I couldn’t out run the trigger. Taran’s new secret recipe or a new design from Benelli??? So I had some fun trying to load and unload the gun. My QL8’s from AP Rhino are the best in the game. Eight rounds in 4.92.



    But then this Russian guy beat Garcia’s time and managed to do the same challenge in 4.44 secs.



    If that wasn’t amazing, Rick Birdsall loads 9 and shoots all 9 in 5.05 secs.

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