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If you’re looking for a holster for your FNS Compact 9/.40, DeSantis may have just what you need. Their new holsters are made specifically for the FNS Compact and are custom-molded to the contours of the firearm for a secure hold. In addition the holsters themselves are made from quality leather for a combination of durability, longevity, and aesthetics.

The new holster comes in two styles, the thumb-break scabbard and the speed scabbard. The thumb-break scabbard is designed to sit high on the user’s hip and sits at an angle DeSantis has tested as the most universally useful spot for rapid presentation. As the name suggests this version features a thumb break for added security and increased retention. This model comes with or without suede lining to protect your firearm’s finish and aid in a smoother draw.

The speed scabbard model is made without a thumb-break, allowing the user to draw their weapon with greater speed. It was designed with law enforcement in mind.

Both models come with an adjustable tension screw for customizable retention and 1 3/4″ belt slots.

DeSantis has been making holsters for almost half a century, and in those decades they’ve fine-tuned the process significantly. The company got its start at the kitchen table of founder Gene DeSantis, and today they’re one of the biggest holster manufacturers in the country. According to Gene, “Our promise to you, our loyal customer, continues to be pride in our workmanship which shall never be compromised in an industry where dependability and performance is paramount.”

For a closer look visit the company’s website at for the thumb-break scabbard or for the speed scabbard. MSRP $75.99.

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  • MrEllis MrEllis on Jul 30, 2015

    No one else seems to be producing leather these days. Sure there are the standards but some of my guns require custom leather or I can only get plastic.

  • Lt Donn Lt Donn on Jul 30, 2015

    I know that there are still a great many fans of leather...but for the money, I will chose Kydex every time