Canik TP9 V2 First Look

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

VSO Gun Channel took a look at the new version of the Canik TP9. The TP9 V2 has more aggressive stippling and a double strike feature compared to the previous TP9SA. I got a chance to shoot the TP9SA at Big 3 East and I was pleasantly surprised by the trigger. I compare it to the HKVP9 trigger and they seem very similar. I handled a original TP9 in a local gun store and those are awful. I am curious if this new TP9 V2 trigger is just as good as the TP9SA version.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Greg Schmidt Greg Schmidt on Aug 02, 2015

    Century Arms continues to do a fantastic job with their lookalikes. The price point can’t be beat and judging by the video, the gun is extremely accurate even out to 40 yards. The finish on the gun is impressive as well; everything is very tactile for easy operation in low light. All the goodies in the box are an added bonus. Looks like the TP9 V2 is going on the wish list.

  • Timbo1 Timbo1 on Aug 03, 2015

    I own both the TP9SA and the TP9 V2 and both triggers are amazing of course the TP9SA has the better trigger but not by much. When the V2 is in single action it is very similar to the pull on the SA. The build quality on both are fantastic.