POTD: One Rifle, Two Pistols

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

In case you are wondering, not TFB is not being paid by Zastava to post photos of PAP rifles! Ira sent in a photo of his AR-15 rifle and two pistols, a Glock 19 and a PAP. The specs are …

A Rifle and Two Pistols

M85 Pap
-Ace folding stock adapter
-Kak Arm Brace
-Midwest Keymod forend
-Inforce WML
-Primary Arms red dot
Glock 19
-bone stock
-Gen 4

-M&P Lower
-BCM Midlength Upper
-Fortis Rev Rail
-Primary Arms 4-14 Mil Dot
-Atlas Bipod
-Primary Arms Microdot (45 degrees)
-KAC Forgrip

This will probably be the last PAP on POTD for a at least a month!

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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