POTD: One Rifle, Two Pistols

    In case you are wondering, not TFB is not being paid by Zastava to post photos of PAP rifles! Ira sent in a photo of his AR-15 rifle and two pistols, a Glock 19 and a PAP. The specs are …

    A Rifle and Two Pistols

    M85 Pap
    -Ace folding stock adapter
    -Kak Arm Brace
    -Midwest Keymod forend
    -Inforce WML
    -Primary Arms red dot
    Glock 19
    -bone stock
    -Gen 4

    -M&P Lower
    -BCM Midlength Upper
    -Fortis Rev Rail
    -Primary Arms 4-14 Mil Dot
    -Atlas Bipod
    -Primary Arms Microdot (45 degrees)
    -KAC Forgrip

    This will probably be the last PAP on POTD for a at least a month!

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