Weekend Photo: Building a suppressor legally

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Pete build his Glock suppressor legally from parts. He explains the procedure below …

As many of your readers are already aware, it is perfectly legal to make certain types of NFA regulated firearms, including silencers (suppressors). As is the case of making any firearm, all local, state and federal regulations apply. And, before you begin any manufacturing, make sure you have a properly approved ATF Form 1.

This 9mm suppressor is six inches long, with 10 formed freeze plugs for baffles. For it’s length and cost (sub $200 not including the NFA Stamp) the sound reduction is impressive. Although slightly louder than its longer commercial cousins, it has a pleasant tone when shooting 147gr JHP ammunition.

Although this was a fun and satisfying project, it is not for everyone. To properly manufacture a suppressor requires the correct tools, skills, design/planning, and patience.

As always, safety and legality take precedence.

Resource list:

ATF EFORMS: Form 1 – Application to Make and Register an NFA Firearm (Silencer)
SDTactical Arms six inch Titanium D-Size tube, LID Adapter, end cap and freeze plugs.
Liberty Mystic Booster Assembly
Glock 19 – Third Generation
Gem-Tech G19 Threaded Barrel
Titanium Cerakote
NFA Engraving

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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