Another Glock Lawsuit – This Time by Glock's Own Former Counsel

Nathan S
by Nathan S

The legal saga at Glock continues to go deeper down the rabbit hole, that if true, shows that Gason Glock and the company has committed serious fraud and framed multiple former employees in an attempt to cover up his and the company’s own malfeasance.

Paul Jannuzzo is Glocks former counsel who was convicted of embezzling from Glock after an internal investigation implicated him and other employees of corruption. The charge went to the Georgia Court of Appeals where it was thrown out on statue of limitations expiration.

Jannuzzo’s falling out with Glock is supposedly over his wife, Monika (also a former Glock employee) who was entreated by Gaston Glock himself. When she refused his advances, he allegedly became vengeful creating the circumstances by which Jannuzzo was convicted off of what Jannuzzo contends are trumped-up allegations.

This lawsuit is on top of another lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Pombert, Glock’s former internal investigator.

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Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • LetsTryLibertyAgain LetsTryLibertyAgain on Jul 28, 2015

    I hate seedy tales of personality dysfunction such as this. The primary impact this story has upon me is when I wonder why we can't have $400 Glocks, and the answer is... LAWYERS.

  • OldOldLawyer OldOldLawyer on Jul 28, 2015

    I bought my first Glock (19) in 1990 and always thought of it as the ugliest gun I ever owned....but I never owned a high point, anyway, I have carried them in law enforcement, CCW, and as a second gun while hunting and hiking in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas and maybe other while I dont like the looks, the guns are perhaps the most reliable on the new Glock 43 shoots like a dream and fits my, the lawsuits listed have nothing to do with the design or manufacture of the gun. And they have even less to do with the one you put in your pocket and how well it works. So who cares if the old man made a pass at his lawyers wife and who cares if there was internal corruption a decade ago. It's like what Hillary Clinton said about the 4 guys murdered at Bengazi and long since dead on the day she testified;;;;;"what does it matter now anyway"