POTD: How Not To Guard Your Recruitment Center

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

People have stepped up in response to the recent attack in Chattanooga, TN. Dustin Ellerman, of Top Shot, posted this picture on Facebook.

There are some obviously glaring issues with this photo. First he has a vertical grip on his pistol AR. Now I will be nice and grant him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he did get the $5 tax stamp to make this a AOW and legally add a vertical grip to a pistol. But he can’t afford an optic or backup sights? He better not shoulder that pistol.

Dustin also pointed out his ensemble is not quite suited for engaging in a fire fight. The bright shirt makes for an easier target and crocs sandals are not the best shoes to wear when running.

Then you have these gentlemen with a more reasonable setup.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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