Reminder: Don't Tamper With A Colleagues Gun

Nathan S
by Nathan S

In an apparent attempt to “teach a lesson” to another offer, a Georgetown, Texas, police office has been fired after messing with the zero on another officer’s duty rifle after the other officer forgot it at the range.

According to KXAN, the officer took the firearm to a local gun shop to have the staff manipulate the firearm.

According to an official disciplinary memo from Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero, instead of returning the rifle, Bermudez took it to the Guns Plus gun shop in Georgetown — where he allegedly spoke with the clerks about manipulating the gun’s components, specifically the sights and firing pin.

When the clerk asked why he would want that to be done, Bermudez allegedly said, “To teach him a lesson to not leave his [expletive] laying around.”

The original offending officer (who forgot his rifle) reported to his superiors that the weapon was tampered with after the second officer notified the first when out to a meal the next day. Throughout the subsequent investigation, the second officer lied to investigators and has been “indefinitely suspended.”

For the full story, click here to be taken to KXAN.

Remember, guns are a matter of life and death. Don’t mess with your colleagues weapons.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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