EAA Abdo Conceal Carry Rig

    EAA has a new product for concealed carry. It is a holster/box for your pocket .380 ACP pistol. It is designed to look like a smartphone on steroids and worn on the belt.

    I feel as though this device falls into the “uncanny valley” aspect of design. While the uncanny valley is based on human looking creations, there is still an uneasy feeling when seeing this huge box on the side of someone’s hip. My concern is what happens when you need to use your phone? People will see you on your phone and not on your huge belt box. Sure I guess you could be important enough to have two cell phones, but you never use your giant one? It still seems a tad bit conspicuous.



    ABDO_site_splashPO Step1 Step2



    From this photo, it looks like there is a barrel post, similar to the Versacarry holster. The post is inserted into the barrel, to hold the pistol in place.


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