Waffen Werle Luger Hybrid Monstrosities

    My friend, from Hong Kong, shared this with me. At first I was confused. This couldn’t possibly be real steel. An AK Luger? It doesnt make sense. The barrel is not even attached to the front sight. This looks extremely dangerous. So it has to be airsoft right? Wrong. I discovered Waffen Werle, a German gun shop that specializes in Luger modifications.

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    M4 Luger anyone?



    M1 Luger.

    2912 2914



    Double barreled luger. The main rifle is 9mm, and the bottom is a .22LR pistol.

    2981 2990


    You can check out their website for more pics and info.


    They even modified a M1 Garand into a M1A hybrid using M1A magazines.

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