EOTech Laser Battery Cap for the EOTech 500 Series Holographic Weapon Sight

    EOTech Laser Battery Cap (LBC) is an unique product.  I would call it more of an add-on module than just a cap. The EOTech LBC replaces the AA battery compartment on the EOTech 512, 552 holographic weapon sights (HWS) and the latest 518 and 558 model with build-in riser w/ QD lever. It’s also available pre-installed with the 552 model.


    The EOTech LBC added a bit of width on both sides to the 500 series holographic weapon sight. The installation is extremely simple by just lifting up the locking lever in the middle, then remove the stock battery cap and replaced it with the LBC. There’s enough clearance for either lasers to clear the widest folding front-sight. Although, if you prefer to mount the weapon lights at an angle around the 2 or 10 O’clock position on the handguard, you will need to make sure that doesn’t block the laser emission.


    I like how the add-on LBC module integrates with the EOTech sight. Although the laser must be zeroed independently of the sight, unlike the more intricate single adjustment system used on the Meprolight MOR  that syncs both the sight and the laser together. However, zeroing the LBC laser is very easy. Just move the laser dot until it lines up with the center dot in the EOTech’s reticle.


    Another limitation with the LBC arrangement is that if the shooter is using the C-clamp type hand hold, that may block one of the laser. The visible laser is on the right side of the LBC 2 dual laser model and it features a red laser that’s usable indoor or at low light. On the left side is the Infrared laser for use with night-vision device.


    Each laser designator has its own activation switch. Flipping the lever up will turn on the laser. Just beneath each activation switch is an accessory port for plugging in the optional remote pressure switch (CLF-053-4). I wish EOTech would have included a protective plug for the accessory port and to cover up the shiny brass contact.


    Overall, the EOTech LBC module is a good add-on to expand the capability of the EOTech sight and the weapon. It’s seems to be well made and at half the price as most affordable Laser Device discrete laser designator models.

    EOTech Laser Battery Cap 2 Specification:
    Length: 2.7 inch (68.5mm)
    Height: 3.2 inch (81.2mm)
    Width: 0.96 inch (24.3mm)
    Weight: 4.9 ounces (140g)
    Power: 2x AA batteries
    Battery Life: 24-36 hours with 1 laser, 12 hours with both lasers
    Water Submersible: 33 ft (10m)
    MSRP: $429

    Street price: LBC2 w/ dual lasers at $395, LBC w/ visible laser only at $265.

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