Aridus Industries Q-DC Explanation and Techniques

    Yesterday, I helped Adam Roth of Aridus Industries with some testing and filming some content for his YouTube account.

    Adam wanted to address some concerns and critics of his Quick Detach Carrier system. He has been getting a lot of comments about sidesaddles do not hold shells very well and that carrying brass down is a bad idea. His system and design takes care of all the issues and allows the user to carry and load in any fashion he or she desires.

    General consensus, for an emergency reload, is that brass up on a shotgun sidesaddle is faster than reloading from a sidesaddle with the brass downwards.

    Adam Roth of Aridus Industries pokes holes in both methods and shows a faster method with brass down using the strong hand to emergency load the shotgun. Carrying brass down is by far the best method as you can load the magazine tube easily and quickly as well as load two at a time with Adam’s technique.

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