POTD: More NFA Fun, This Time with an M16A1

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Our friend Daniel Fernandez sent us this photo …

The best kind of NFA fun is a pre 86 M16A1 with different uppers. With an 11.5″ it is just downright hilarious to shoot, but is still really controllable on with a 16″ dissy upper as well.

The serial in the photo has been altered in case anyone gets any ideas 😉

I can’t help but think how much collective fun we will all have if the NFA is ever overturned through legislation or, less likely, the courts.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jason Robinson Jason Robinson on Jul 17, 2015

    I know the guy in the picture and he is a good dude.
    As far as on a plane to Syria or any other smart ass armchair warriors out there.
    I have 4 deployments to the Middle East and one elsewhere.
    And you guys always have some negativity to type on your interwebs, so let school begin.

    For you that suck on the tit of freedoms and done nothing but gripe bitch and moan about us 3%'ers
    At least he has served.
    Which is more than most of you.
    And for his patches.

    They are called morale patches.
    They show a little flavor of your personality and also make it quick to recognize your kit (your gear for you civilians)
    It's also a tradeable item that are great conversation pieces while we in the army like to call "hurry up and wait"
    So now you know.

    And before you talk smack about people and pictures in the interwebs, think about STFU and enjoy your pathetic little lives.

    I have seen that guy shoot a Barrett one handed from the hip.
    Something I can't say I have done.
    Deployments and all.

    Leave the man alone and pick on someone in person.
    Or come up to Alaska and learn to be a real man, winter and all.

    Back to your regularly lame ass arguments.
    School is out.

    You notice I didn't hide behind lame little screen names.

    • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Jul 18, 2015

      @Jason Robinson That deployment elsewhere? Where was that? Is it possible it was in the Balkans? I am just curious.

      Also, those screen names aren't lame. If people find out I post on a gun related website, then bai bai job opportunities in a decent part of the world. That and since that's your real name I can find out where you live, work and whatnot. And I am not a hacker or anything. So if somebody is out to hurt ya you are making it easy on them.

      NOTE: I didn't talk smack or anything, so I ain't got no dog in this fight.

  • Jay Jay on Jul 18, 2015

    What is the make of the foregrip?