Lightning Review: Case Cruzer Magwell 4 Handgun Case – A Beast of a Case

    This Lightning Review is long overdue for a rather under-appreciated product. Quite a bit ago, Case Cruzer sent me one of their Magwell Handgun Case 4 Pack – Shooting Range Pro Series designed specifically for competition shooters on the go.

    The notable feature a widened bottom of the magwell to be able to accept competition-oriented handguns with aftermarket or built-in flared magwells. Case Cruzer specifically states its for “most automatic handguns with or without magwell that are more than 7″ but less than 9.25″ in overall length. Does not fit handguns with scope or sight.”


    Case Overview:

    Author’s Note- Typically, I turn around articles quickly, but this one has languished, always pushed back. The good news is that I tested it all-right… the case got me through two flights and two complete moves of household in less than a year. 

    The Magwell case is from Case Cruzer’s Shooting Range Pro Series. Its a family of purpose-built cases that allow a shooter to go from transport to shooting steel in almost no time. The case itself is a standard black injection-molded SKB case, with two front-base latches and a robust carry handle folded near the latches but when deployed, the center of gravity is sensibly in the middle of the handle. The case is complete with an automatic valve to keep pressure equilibrium. Metal padlock adapters are on the outside flank of both latches.

    The handgun storage is oriented nicely to facilitate a quick draw and magazines are oriented vertically next to the guns for immediately deployment or movement to gear carry. Each of the 4 handgun storage areas are flanked by molded plastic to keep the handgun secure. This feature is carried over to the vertically oriented magazine pockets directly above and below each of the handguns. For extra magazine storage, a removable foam piece is the middle storage section with cut-outs for an extra six magazines. Total capacity, if using only the cut-outs is four full-size handguns and 14 magazines (assuming one stored in each handgun). Impressive firepower.

    Using the Case

    It- Just- Plain- Works. The handle deploys, the latches are easy to actuate, and the case can take a beating. I regularly just chucked it into the back of my 3/4 ton and took off down a dirt road with nary a thought to the case. It shows the scars of my abuse, but the insides of the case are near-new.

    Typically, I had only had two handguns in it with six magazines, which was my usual competition load. Two custom G35 glocks with three primary and three secondary magazines in case of malfunctions. The magwell flares internally were invaluable, as it ensures the handguns fit into and were easily removed from their storage slots.


    I also found the Magwell version was good for another type of handgun- a light/laser combo without a magwell. The magwell flare made it easy to handle my G22 with a TLR-2 attached to it, in a reverse orientation. Not to be left out, my compact Glock also fit snugly in the same orientation. (Case Cruzer specifically mentions this on their website. The foam is set up to allow easy carry of both types, but the compact handguns will not have the “quick draw” feature.

    IMG_1197 IMG_1198




    Specs (From Case Cruzer Direct):

    Magwell Handgun Case Specifications:
    OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS: 20.25″L x 16.93″W x 8.78″H
    EMPTY WEIGHT: 11.20 Lbs.

    UP TO 9.25″ IN LENGTH

    IMG_1200 IMG_1199

    The Good:

    • Takes all the abuse that an airline and Marine can throw at it. Shows battle scars but wears them as a badge of honor.
    • The case performs specifically as advertised. Through two moves and over three months in the back of my truck in the middle of the summer, the case kept my handguns in great shape.
    • Common-sense organization built-in for magazines, rounds, hearing protection, and holsters.
    • LIFETIME warranty. For a case, that’s freaking awesome.
    • TSA lockable container for easy checked baggage.

    The Notable:

    • Always closed on anything, but did “swell” a bit when extended magazines were put in the vertical magazine spots. If you have an extended magazine, put it in the middle section to ensure a complete seal.
    • Price is up there. Retail is $290. But, if you are storing $5,000 or more worth of handguns, its an excellent value for complete piece of mind.

    The Bad. 

    • Would like to see more magazine storage (squeeze the magazines on top of and bottom of the handgun together or orient them 90-degrees to fit more)
    • For this much protection, its heavier. Empty is 11.20 lbs. Easy to fill it up over 50 lbs with guns and ammo inside.


    As I am sure you have gathered above, I am unabashedly a fan of this case. I have a devil of a time finding things that can stand up to the abuse that I can put them through. This took it with gusto and never asked for any relief.

    But, this level of protection comes at a price. $290 retail is stiff and certainly will not be for all shooters. But, for the shooter is oriented at, its an invaluable addition to the gear locker and I am extremely happy that it is in mine. When I fly or go long-distance, this case is my chosen asset to protect my guns.

    The features, on top of the lifetime warranty, make this a great value for those looking for the best. You cannot misplace your trust in Case Cruzer.


    Nathan S

    One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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