Taploader for Glock Pistols

    I was looking into the ETA polymer glock magazines and saw them mention the Taploader. I looked it up and the Taploader is a modification for Glock slides and Glock magazines. The modification allows the slide to automatically close when you tap the magazine into the pistol.


    Here is an animation showing how the mechanism works.





    Here is a review that shows a little more detail of this modification.


    Here is a close up of the modification.

    Taploader close up 2 Taploader close up 3



    The modification sounds like a good idea. However, is it necessary? My S&W M&P9 CORE slide closes automatically when slam a magazine into it. Which is one reason why I like shooting my M&P9 CORE in pistol matches, as it is faster than hitting a slide stop/release or puling the slide to close it. Only one of my 5 mags doesn’t do it and I don’t know why. My friend can do this with his factory Glock 35. But my Glock 35 wont and none of my other Glocks do it either. I have seen other people perform this reload with their unmodified Glocks.

    One concern I have is the nub on the Glock magazine. How long will that stay on there? Obviously, it is glued onto the magazine and that is a cause for concern that it could come off and jam up inside the gun. Elite Tactical Systems Group is making transparent polymer Glock magazines and have delayed their release to make a special version that will be compatible with the Taploader.

    You can purchase a modified slide by Taploader.com for $299.99. No mention of sending your own slide in for the modification.

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