CZ Scorpion Evo 3 922R Kit Update

    CZ USA posted a photo on their Instagram page. The caption says that the 922R compliance kit wil be coming out end of summer and the price is set at $199.99:

    Due out in late summer 2015, the 922(r) compliance kit and stock for the #CZScorpion will be priced at $199.99. Do you have plans to SBR your Scorp?


    Here is a picture that CZ USA posted earlier highlighting the crucial parts that are the area of focus for changing the Scorpion into a compliant rifle.



    If you look, they list the following 16 parts:

    • Receiver (10)
    • Barrel (3)
    • Mounting Block/Trunion (9)
    • Muzzle attachment (1)
    • Bolt (30)
    • Trigger Housing (42)
    • Trigger (62)
    • Hammer (57)
    • Sear (61)
    • Disconnector (64)
    • Buttstock (83)
    • Pistol Grip (23)
    • Handguard (6)
    • Magazine body (74)
    • Magazine floorplate (73)
    • magazine follower (71)

    That makes it 16 parts. You need to bring the parts count down to 10. Adding US made parts does not cancel out the foreign made parts.  If you look at the picture that CZ USA posted, they replace 7 parts.

    Butt stock (which is only the part that extends), Pistol grip, magazine followers, magazine floor plates, a new flash hider, trigger and a disconnector. By removing the czech made parts, the gun will be compliant.

    Making the gun compliant is only half the battle. If you do not change the barrel length, then you will need to register it as a short barreled rifle.

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